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What to Do in Philippolis and area

Laurens van der Post Memorial Garden with Labyrinth


Charles, Prince of Wales, considered Laurens van der Post a mentor and appointed him as godfather to his son. Carl Gustav Jung knew Laurens as a personal friend. The local "bushmen" named him “the white bushman”. Laurens van der Post was in Philippolis on 13 December 1906. He was the thirteenth of fifteen children. Van der Post’s relatives believed that no other place on earth was better suited as the final resting place for him than Philippolis. During February 1998, in contemplating a memorial service, the idea for a memorial garden came to the fore. 4 April 1998 the garden was officially opened.  >>read more<<

NG Kerk Philippolis - Dutch Reformed Church

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Oom Japie's Huis

Library * Museum * Canons


The museum and library were renovated. The architect group involved: Roodt Architects. Here the link with project details: http://roodtarchitects.co.za/page/philippolis-museum-and-library


  A visit to JOBHuis takes you on a journey of finding yourself, grab your emotions, and the discovery of inner peace. There are opportunities for solitary mediation, and the expression of one's emotions.

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